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Solar Panels on a Home in Rhode Island

Solar Panels on a Home in Rhode Island

United Better Homes is paving the way for Rhode Island solar power. They’re the specialists for any residential or commercial solar panel installation!

CENTRAL FALLS, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — United Better Homes of Rhode Island and the solar power installation specialists are moving ahead full force with alternative energy options for all homes and businesses. As a fully certified Rhode Island Solar company, they have selections for installing solar panels and complete solar systems that are efficient, environmentally-friendly, and affordable.

“It’s pretty apparent, especially as one of the busiest solar companies in RI, that times are changing in terms of how people power their homes and businesses. The environment, climate change, and global warming from burning fossil fuels and other harmful pollutants are at the forefront of many concerned citizen’s minds, and we have a plethora of ways to help in reducing the carbon footprint,” the owner and operator from United Better Homes of Rhode Island said.

People are starting to consider just how much damage they are doing to the atmosphere and informing themselves on the facts surrounding the carbon emissions decimating the atmosphere every year. The team making conversions to solar energy in RI from this dedicated company wants the public to know that they have a solution. It’s been determined that with their help with the installation of solar panels, 75 tons of carbon emissions can be eliminated per household system in just one year. It’s the equivalent of planting about 150 trees and sure to make a significant impact if more people perform the switch.

For the 2021 tax season, any person making the change to solar power in Rhode Island is eligible for tax incentives and rebates by both state municipalities and the federal government. It is expected that these solar energy refunds will be eliminated after this year unless Congress decides to renew them.

One of the contractors that work for United Better Homes in the solar energy division stated, “The good news is as of right now, there is still plenty of funding available for those that are shifting to Rhode Island solar power. For services being completed in 2021, the federal government is paying 22% of the total cost. So after you get a complimentary, no-obligation estimate from us, you can automatically deduct that amount from the final cost. You won’t get it right away, but you can claim it on your tax refund, so it’s quite similar to putting money in the bank.”

With the very generous solar energy tax rebates and current ‘No Cost Renewable Energy Program’ being offered by the state of Rhode Island, the appointment book at United Better Homes of Rhode Island is filling up fast. Everyone is looking to take advantage of the incredible amounts of money being given back to those who decide to go solar. They are still taking calls and scheduling evaluations for solar energy conversions as of right now. They are urging residents and commercial property owners to get their names on the list sooner rather than later.

Lawmakers in Rhode Island aim to have 100% renewable power by the year 2030, and people are jumping on board. United Better Homes has stocked up on supplies, equipment, and as much information as possible to give everyone wanting to make the change the most effective solar energy services possible. Not all solar power systems are set up the same, and that’s why the comprehensive property evaluation must be done first.

As part of the process, the solar power technicians will come to the location and check for things like sunlight exposure and the property roof’s positioning. The solar power companies in RI will also want to see utility bills, the type of internet access you have, and how easily they can get into the attic. After they compile all the necessary details, the United Better Homes specialist will produce a mock solar design specific to the location and property type.

The options for solar power in Rhode Island are flexible, depending on the budget and energy the consumer wants to get from the solar panels. Some homes are 100% powered by solar energy, while others utilize their existing energy with partial solar energy. More specific information about how to do that can be obtained during an evaluation before the contract is drawn up and finalized.

If you’re curious about learning more about the offers available for Rhode Island solar conversions from United Better Homes, you’re asked to visit their website https://www.unitedbetterhomes.com/solar/. There you will be able to review more specific details on what’s available, check out the latest news stories about solar energy, and fill out a convenient online form. It is sent directly to their solar power contractors, who always respond quickly. You may also call to speak directly to a professional by dialing (401) 274) 0111.

About United Better Homes of Rhode Island
United Better Homes of Rhode Island is a local, family-owned, and operated home contractor business that has also more recently jumped into join solar companies in RI with the notable shifts being made to solar energy. The solar energy division completed extensive training and certification in residential and commercial solar panels and other system feature installations. They have customer care representatives that can quickly answer questions, clear up concerns, and go over all the available tax incentives for residents engaged in going solar in Rhode Island. Every project starts with an evaluation of the property to determine the best scheme for harnessing natural energy. Located on Pine Street in Central Falls, RI. Appointments are made over the phone for on-site consultations or virtual meetings Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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